Quyen Linh’s 14-Year Daughter Is ALREADY Taller Than Him + Exceptionally Beautiful At Her Age!

Popular Vietnamese MC and actor Quyen Linh has surprised his followers after he shared the picture of his oldest daughter.

Photo: FB Quyen Linh.

To Vietnamese fans, Quyen Linh is their beloved veteran actor. Moreover, he is also one of the most well-liked MCs in the country, with his honest personality and sense of humor. Even though he is a celebrity with successful career, he is friendly to everyone, and lives with a simple and humble lifestyle that earns the respect from his fans.

Quyen Linh uploaded two photos to celebrate her oldest daughter’s birthday.

Because of his social status, Quyen Linh’s life and family constantly garner attention from the public.

On the occasion of her oldest daughter’s birthday on April 6, he went to social media to send his best wishes to his lovely daughter, along with two pictures of him and his daughter, Lo Lem (translated “Cinderella”).

At the age of 14, Lo Lem looks tall, who is also the tallest in the family according to the family photo. It is also noticed that she is becoming prettier as she grows older, true to what her name signifies.

Quyen Linh’s happy family.
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