The Pre-Marriage Daily Life Of Dong Nhi Revealed

Some days ago, Dong Nhi shared her pre-marriage daily life on her personal page.

The famous singer just uploaded a video clip, with the caption “Cuộc Sống của Đong Nhi trước khi kết hôn… chill phết” (translated “Dong Nhi’s life before getting marriage… pretty chill”, with her followers showing much interest.

With many knowing the fact that Dong Nhi is going to get married with her beau Ong Cao Thang, naturally her followers are getting curious with her life before the big day that is set to come soon.

Thus it is no wonder that Dong Nhi’s recent sharing of her daily life attracted much attention.

In the video, Dong Nhi fed fishes and played with them. As known, she has a big pool in her house with lots of fishes which she can’t hide her happiness when feeding them.

From this point, it shows Dong Nhi as one who loves animals. In addition, she also does simple chores like any other girl at home.

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