A Past Photo Of Trang Lou’s Dumpling-like Cheeks Goes Viral

trang lou

Recently, hot mom Trang Lou, who is known as Vlogger Huyme’s sister, shared her photo 11 years ago, with bang hair style and her “dumpling” cheeks that surprised many.

Youthful looking Trang Lou with her cute kid, and they look just like sisters.

Even though not an artist or celebrity, Trang Lou’s Instagram page has still organically surpassed one million followers, becoming one of Vietnam’s most prominent influencers.

The best explanation for such a phenomenon may lie on her natural appearance that always seemingly charms with sharp facial expression, on top of the tag of a fashionable mother.

Trang Lou and her husband had a beautiful love when they were students till now.

Moreover, Trang Lou has an admirable love story with her businessman husband. Being a youthful mother with her social media full of laughter and happiness, how can people not like this girl?

Trang Lou is fondly known now as one of the most popular hot moms on the Vietnamese social network. Any information of her, who was born in 1995, instantly becomes a viral topic among the local communities.

In fact, the gorgeous mom just posted a photo of herself 11 years ago, and that caused quite a stir on the internet.

13-year-old Trang Lou with her cute dumpling-like cheeks.
11 years later, Trang Lou is a goddess of beauty.

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