WATCH: Ong Cao Thang’s Priceless Expression When Dong Nhi Gifts Him Pregnancy Positive Test Result With Words “Ba Oi”

The news of Ong Cao Thang and Dong Nhi becoming parents has been raging online in Vbiz world.

Two days after the pregnancy announcement, Dong Nhi uploaded a video to share with the public about the priceless expression of her husband Ong Cao Thang when he came to know the good news.

The meaningful card ever that Ong Cao Thang has been received from Dong Nhi.

As Ong Cao Thang shared in the video, at that time Dong Nhi gifted Ong Cao Thang a card as a present. However, it was meant to be a surprise gift, one that is so precious that he could not control himself and let out a loud joyful scream.

Check out the cute video of the couple below:

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