Ong Cao Thang And Dong Nhi Take Wedding Photos On Sydney Street

Vbiz Golden Couple is in Sydney for their wedding photo shoot!

Dong Cao Thang proposed and Dong Nhi accepted one month ago.

To everyone, Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang are one of the rarest couples that can keep their beautiful love everlasting, in fact they are already celebrating 10 years together. They first fell in love with each other when they were still rookies in Vbiz. It was then about 1 month later when Ong Cao Thang asked her out and she accepted.

Even when the celebrity couple was in Sydney to take romantic wedding photos, people still could not take their eyes off them. Once again, the lovely couple made fans excited to see their photos.

As seen in the various photos, Ong Cao Thang and Dong Nhi could not hide their happiness as they smiled on cloud nine.

These photos were reportedly taken by paparazzi. Even though Ong Cao Thang and Dong Nhi haven’t confirmed the date yet, they already took the wedding photos, which left their followers making wild guesses of a potential surprise marriage.


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