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Fairy Tale Comes True For Ong Cao Thang & Dong Nhi After A Decade Of Love

After 10 years together, Ong Cao Thang proposed and Dong Nhi accepted.

A photo of Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang during their earlier days after they confirmed their relationship.

To everyone, Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang are a rare couple that can keep beautiful love for a long time. They fell in love with each other from the beginning when they were still newbies in Vbiz.

The love of Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang can be described as the age of the youth as it grows and matures day by day. And finally, after 10 years, Ong Cao Thang might have decided that it is a good time to propose and the woman of his life eventually accepted the proposal.

With their big day coming soon, let’s take a trip back to the past as we witness their blissful love and how much they have cared for each other during the past decade.

In the year 2009-2010, Dong Nhi and Cao Thang stepped forward as a rising generation of local teen artists, who were getting well-loved by audiences.

At that time, rumors began to emerge that Cao Thang was dating Dong Nhi – when the male singer made an appearance in her music video, titled “Ac Mong Cua Nhung Giac MO” (Evil’s Dreams).

At that time, the Weboys, a boy band which Cao Thang was a member, got disbanded. They were spotted to be together in the public, but they did not officially confirm their relationship.

Until 2011, Dong Nhi officially opened up her relationship with Ong Cao Thang. However, the public initially thought that they were just trying to gain attention for their status with their “lovers” news. After a long time later, fans gradually accepted their true love and supported them.

Their love grew stronger and stronger, especially the couple was always seen being together with each other. There was a time when Ong Cao Thang suffered an injury, the female singer reportedly took care of him.

Until 2004, Ong Cao Thang left his celebrity status to allow Dong Nhi to focus on her career. As the female singer performed on stages, her boyfriend always stood quietly in a corner to support her.

The couple had also experienced many happy milestones in love. By 1 March 2019, Ong Cao Thang and Dong Nhi celebrated their 10th anniversary together.

On his personal SNS, Cao Thang thanked his girlfriend: “The first 10 years. Thank you for always being there, supporting me and loving me. I love you.”

In response to her boyfriend, Dong Nhi also sent three words: “I love you”.

The post then received a lot of well-wishes from fans, especially with blessings that the two artists would soon tie the knot.

Finally on July 9, Ong Cao Thang took a huge leap of faith and proposed to Dong Nhi, to which she agreed. The wedding celebration is surely not going to be far away anymore.


Today is a happy day of the couple!


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