Nha Phuong Updates With New Photos That Animate Her Like A Fairy Tale Princess

Nha Phuong looks like a muse in her newest images, animating her beauty in a way that everyone can’t take their eyes off her.

A pretty princess that can only be found in fairy tales.

After becoming a mother of her own child, Nha Phuong not only regains back her figure but appears even more beautiful than ever.

Having received compliments from her followers, Nha Phuong is also said to look more attractive than before after marriage. The change in her fashion style also makes her more gorgeous and fervid.

Not so long ago, Nha Phuong uploaded some new photos which were taken during a public event. In them, the celebrity wore a white elegant dress which was reportedly handcrafted by famous local designer Chung Thanh Phong.

As one of the top actresses, Nha Phuong always carefully chooses the dresses she wears, notably white dresses seem to be her favorites. On her latest social media post, she also did not forget to express her words: “Girl has to be beautiful, Wish you guys are always beautiful”.

She also appeared before in different white dresses.


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