Nha Phuong’s Apparent Change Of Fashion Style After Marriage

After a few months of public disappearance, actress Nha Phuong emerges and returns with sensual fashion.

Recently, Nha Phuong was complimented to appear more beautiful and attractive than before after marriage. The apparent change in her fashion style makes her more graceful and fervid.

Nha Phuong in an elegant white dress for the grand opening of her spa in May 2019.

In the evening of June 2, Nha Phuong attracted the attention of the fishtail dress, which is daringly back cut-out.

The cut-out blue dress shows off her S-shaped back.

Nha Phuong and Truong Giang got married on September 2018. Ever since then, the actress hardly appeared at any entertainment event for several months. Many said that she had secretly given birth but the actress did not confirm the speculation. In March 2019, she “unofficially” returned to the V-showbiz.

Since becoming a married woman, Nha Phuong is often seen wearing alluring clothes instead of girly style like before. During an event to introduce short film “Infill & Full” which she produced and played as a main character in March 2019, she wore a breast vest.

In first public appearance with husband after wedding, Nha Phuong wore a shoulder-revealing dress which is said to be designed by Le Thanh Hoa.


                   Nha Phuong looks like a princess with her prince charming.

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