Ngoc Trinh Throws A Lavish Party To Celebrate 5 Million Instagram Followers

Upon hitting 5 million followers on Instagram, Ngoc Trinh goes all out to celebrate with her close friends.

Vietnamese model Ngoc Trinh is one of the few Vietnamese artists, besides Son Tung M-TP and Chi Pu, to achieve a remarkable number of 5 million followers on Instagram.

To mark this memorable milestone, on August 31, Ngoc Trinh organized a dinner party with her good friends in an expensive restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

As Ngoc Trinh shared, her Instagram managed to achieve 5 million followers in the morning of August 19. Furthermore, the celebrity also gifted 5 million VND (US$215) for 5 lucky fans after they won the game of guessing when her Instagram would hit 5 million followers.

The party organizer Ngoc Trinh appeared prominently in a glittering skimpy pink dress, while looking joyfully with the company of friends.

View more photos of the party:




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