Ngoc Trinh Takes Daring Photoshoot in Bali For Vu Khac Tiep’s Vlog

Ngoc Trinh is wowing everyone with the daring photoshoot of her well-kept body.


These days, Ngoc Trinh and Vu Khac Tiep are in Bali, Indonesia, for travel to record vlogs for the latter YouTube channel. In the Southeast Asian country, Ngoc Trinh asserts her boldness with an almost nude photo taken in Bali. From the photos, it can be understandably why she is confident so.

However, there are also opinions that such photos with minimum clothing are too excessive to post and share on social networks.

As Ngoc Trinh and Khac Tiep are known to be good friends, it is understandable why she accepted to appear in her his vlog channel.

Apart from the photoshoot, Ngoc Trinh and Khac Tiep also shared many breathtaking pictures focusing on the untouched nature scenery of Bali.

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