Ngoc Trinh Receives A Huge Bunch Of Beautiful Pink Roses From A “Boy”

A day before Valentine’s Day, Ngoc Trinh happily shared on her Instagram a bunch of roses that she received from a “boy”.

Ngoc Trinh previously shared before that she likes mature man to be her lover. Also before tet holiday, Ngoc Trinh shared that she was single back then.

However, with this post, her followers are getting curious about her relationship status, whether the flowers were given by her lover, and if it is a “boy” who is younger than her? Or from her fans?

On February 13, Ngoc Trinh updated her life with photos of her hugging a big bunch of pink flowers, with the caption: “Cam On Cau Be Nha 😍 ahihi” (translated “Thank you, boy 😍 ahihi”).

In the images, Ngooc Trinh wore a pink dress, and could be seen smiling gracefully after she received these roses from the “boy”.

Photo: instagram ngoctrinh89.

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