Ngoc Trinh And Vu Khac Tiep Show How Horsemaning Photo Can Be Fun And Sexy At The Same Time

Ngoc Trinh and Vu Khac Tiep are actually burning their fans’ eyes because their horsemaning photo looks extraordinary … sexy.

As frightening as it sounds, horsemaning photo is currently a hot trend that people around the world are joining since this summer.

And now, Ngoc Trinh and Vu Khac Tiep made this trend hot in Vietnam by showing how to do it right.

Most recently, Vu Khac Tiep uploaded a picture which was taken at the hotel pool Villa Franca (Italy) with Ngoc Trinh and received the massive attention from netizens. The picture showed the headless body of Ngoc Trinh sitting at the edge of the pool, “holding the head” of Vu Khac Tiep with her left hand.

Most photos of the trend are scary. But it is different with Ngoc Trinh and Vu Khac Tiep. They ended up rewarding fans’ eyes with the perfect body shape of Ngoc Trinh. Besides, Vu Khac Tiep’s emotion in the photo is also cheeky.

See what others’ photos do for this trend:

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