Ngoc Trinh Welcomes Her 31-Year-Old Birthday By Not Looking Like 31-Year-Old

Vietnamese model Ngoc Trinh welcomes her 31 year-old birthday by not looking like 31 year-old. 

Alluring Vietnamese model Ngoc Trinh has just recently turned 31 on September 27. To mark this memorable milestone, Ngoc Trinh released a new episode onto her YouTube Channel with the topic “Unbox”. Particularly, in her own show, she featured many branded goods, well, not forgetting her huge piggy bank.


Ngoc Trinh shared that she was born into a poor family, therefore after becoming famous and a good career, she has taken good care on balancing life and enjoying life to the fullest.

In the latest episode, Ngoc Trinh not only unboxed the branded goods that she had bought for herself, she also opened up birthday presents gifted by her close friends.

From the video, Ngoc Trinh can be seen as being wealthy as she gifted herself with many expensive goods from well-known brands; such as a watch that costs 1.8 billion VND, a branded bag of 80 million VND, and so on.

Ngoc Trinh also surprised her viewers when she revealed she had saved US$120,029 in her huge piggy bank after just seven months of saving.

Watch Ngoc Trinh’s latest “Unbox” episode below:

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