Nabi Nha Phuong Charms The World With Her New Hairstyle

On Sunday, Nha Phuong updated her life with a new hairstyle.

After getting married with Truong Giang and being a mother thereafter, Nha Phuong continues to transform her appearances as one of the top fashionable celebrities in Vietnam.

Not surprisingly, many people actually said that Nha Phuong looks much prettier after giving birth. It is no wonder that her fashion style has consistently been in the public eye.

On February 16, Nha Phuong astounded her fans when she looked unusually different with her brand new hairstyle. As the artist shared, it would be her latest image for an upcoming project.

Be it previous hairstyle or curly hairstyle, Nha Phuong, with no doubt, stands gorgeously as ever.

Photo:: Fb Nabi Nha Phuong.

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