My Tam Displays Top-notch Skills In Making Tet Cakes For Lunar New Year

My tam just updated her latest pre-Tet activity on her social space.

Known as one of the A-list celebrities in Vietnam, My Tam is not only friendly to everyone, she also leads a simple lifestyle. This can be shown by the little things she cares to personally wrap up her sleeves to do. Just like making Tet cake by herself every year without fail.

When My Tam makes Tet cakes, she pays meticulous attention to them.

The charming artist recently shared some photos about herself in casual clothes, making Tet cakes like a professional. She looked engrossed in making the cakes, with much skills that only an experienced chef could do.

My Tam has been getting well-deserved attention from the public for her ageless appearance and proven talents in acting and singing.

My Tam is proud of what she had done by her own.
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