My Tam Is The Queen Of “Quang Binh Cave Festival 2019”

my tam

Recently, netizens shared My Tam’s photos in an event, with many admiring her beauty. Some even said that the older My Tam is, the younger she looks.

In the evening of July 20, the anticipated event “Quang Binh Cave Festival 2019” took place in the attendance of thousands of audiences. With the most magnificent stage and the participation of a large number of singers, the public had the opportunity to enjoy great music performances.

My Tam looks younger than her age alot. Do You believe she is 38?

In the line-up, there can absolutely be no reason to left out one of the most celebrated local singers, My Tam. She wore a glistening white fashionable suit, giving her the stylish look like a model. What makes people surprised is when compared her appearance 18 years ago to now, there isn’t much different.

In the photos taken, she looks beautiful in various angles of random moments, defying age.



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