MC Hoang Oanh Reveals Her Foreigner Fiancé “Clearly” On Social Media For The First Time

After two years dating with her foreigner boyfriend, Vu Ngoc Hoang Oanh revealed her fiancé on social media.

Popular pretty face Hoang Oanh is known locally as a talented MC, as well as taking part in selected movies.

Hoang Oanh is known to be a beautiful and smart woman, therefore many people are usually curious about her personal life. After two years of dating with her foreigner boyfriend, this is the first time that she recently revealed her boyfriend’s face in “full HD”.

In the photos, Hoang Oanh’s fiancé has been receiving comments about his charming appearance, as he looks tall, handsome and has a good muscular body.

Before that, Hoang Oanh had actually shared some photos of her fiancé several times, except they do not show his face as clear as the latest one.

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