Ly Nha Ky Spends Up To Hundreds Billion VND For A Land In Dalat City To Enjoy Simple Farmer’s Life

People said that Ly Nha Ky’s land in Dalat city is a very expensive land, it costs about some tens to hundreds billion VND.

Recently, Vietnamese celebrity Ly Nha Ky has been receiving tons of attentions from the public and her fans about the land which she just bought in Dalat city.

As Ly Nha Ky shared, her land is located on a hill about 20 kilometers far away from Dalat central, surrounded by a pine forest.

With the land, Ly Nha Ky grows many types of vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, artichoke, avocado, strawberry and so on. She also raises chickens. Besides, she will also target to build resorts.

On her YouTube channel, she had already shared many clips of her harvesting cucumbers and cabbage, expressing full of happiness.

She shared that almost every weekend, she would fly from Saigon to Dalat to harvest vegetables and eggs for personal consumption or giving away to her relatives and friends. Indeed, she feels happy to be able to share fresh and clean food for her social circle.

In addition, she further revealed her plan to invite friends in the coming October to join in the tour for travelling, including harvesting her organic vegetables and fruits.

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