Ly Nha Ky Reveals Her Plan For New Business Venture In Organic Farming

Ly Nha Ky shared what she is going to venture next in the near future.

Vietnamese artist Ly Nha Ky has always been passionate in planting fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. She had even bought a sizable land to build a resort and a big farm in Dalat city. Moreover, she also owns an organic farm back in her hometown, Vung Tau.

Recently, the beauty shared her upcoming plan, in which she will start selling organic vegetables and fruits after COVID-19 outbreak subsides.

She said that initially her plan was just to start the organic farm, and to grow healthy vegetables and fruits for personal consumption, including family and friends. However, as her farm gets bigger, more and more people are now encouraging her to sell to the public.

Photo: FB Ly Nha Ky – Artist.

With organic food gaining its healthy awareness in Vietnam, it is indeed a good time now to venture into the farming industry.

Check out more photos of Ly Nha Ky and her organic farm:

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