After Lunar New Year, Anyone Would Have Easily Gained Weight – Except Ngoc Trinh

On Tuesday, Ngoc Trinh updated her current life with stunning photos onto Facebook page.

After Tet, normally people would have gained weight due to partying and stuffing themselves with good food. However, something does not seem right with Ngoc Trinh.

With her latest photos uploaded onto Facebook, Ngoc Trinh stunned her followers like never before when she looks like she has absolutely 0% fat on her ant waist.

The beauty captioned on the Facebook post: “Để Chị nói cho mà nghe, Tết năm nay Chị vẫn còn trẻ ,Xuân hết rui nhưng Chị vẫn muốn đi chơi 😎😜” (Let me tell you, this new year, I am still young, Spring goes already but I still want to hang out).

In the photos, despite Ngoc Trinh has to put on mask as a precaution with the ongoing global Corona virus outbreak, her perfect body shape gets the limelight and makes everyone green with envy.

Photo: FB Ngoc Trinh.


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