Is That An Angel? Or Chi Pu?

Chi Pu had just completed an overseas trip to Germany for an event, with her beautiful moments to share to all.


It is not bragging to say that Chi Pu is one of the hottest Vietnamese female artists at present. Besides the angelic appearance, she is also well-loved for her various talents in the entertainment industry.

In the latest uploaded photos, Chi Pu once again showcased her admirable beauty that is fluttering all hearts. After sharing the photos on her Facebook page, followers began to bomb the comment box, with countless of compliments that go “excellent”, “so pretty”, “I wish that I were beautiful as you”, and more.

In the photos, Chi Pu wore simple and graceful outfit with her face beaming with irresistible charms. She also didn’t forget to share the teaser for her upcoming song, captioning: “Niệm thần chú #Bidibadibidibu 10 lần không vấp để có người iu xinh như chị trong hình 🤪 (Translated: “Saying the word #Bidibadibidibu continuous 10 times to have a beautiful lover like that). In fact, on August 2, she will reveal the newest music video “Bidibadibidibu”.

Don’t forget to catch her comeback music video at 8pm on August 2!


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