Huynh Phuong Does Make-Up For His Girlfriend Si Thanh And It Is Probably The First And The Last Time

si thanh

On May 26, Si Thanh shared a cute video that her boyfriend Huynh Phuong put on make-up for her!

Huynh Phuong and Si Thanh are one of the most enviable V-biz couples in Vietnam. Both are not shy to open up their relationship on social media, and so they have been gaining attention from the public for their romantic love.

On Tuesday, Si Thanh uploaded a cute make-up video, especially this is not one that the personality did the make-up for others or taught how to make up. Instead, her adorable boyfriend Huynh Phuong put on her make-up personally.

Photo: FB Si Thanh.

Even though Huynh Phuong had tried his very best, no doubt the viewers could not help but laugh at the result after they saw Si Thanh’s face. Surely, it was the first time and probably be the last time that she would ever let her boyfriend touch her face!

View this cute video below:

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