Huyen Baby Looks Like A High School Student With Her New Youthful Hairstyle

Huyen Baby’s recent photo is receiving compliments from the public.

Huyen Baby used to be a popular actress-model, with sizable number of followers. After getting married, she stopped working as an entertainment artist. However, she is still very much the center of attraction in the entertainment industry.

As known, Huyen Baby already is a mother of two children, and now focusing on taking care of her family, while managing her own business.


Huyen Baby usually keeps long straight hairstyle with center parting. Most recently, she sports a new hairstyle, with bangs as seen from her social media update. With this new style complimenting her youthful look, she seems like a high school student even though she has two children already. Her followers have since been giving good comments regarding her latest social media update.

Do you believe that she is already 30 of age with two children?



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