How Has Marriage Life Been For Toc Tien After She Got Married?

On Sunday, beautiful female singer Toc Tien updated her life after marriage on her Facebook page.

Local singer Toc Tien just tied the knot with Hoang Touliver last month in Dalat City, with the blessings from their families and close friends.

Even then, every time she makes an appearance, she is surely taking the spotlight for her beauty and cool fashionable style.

On March 15, Toc Tien updated her latest images onto her Facebook page. These photos instantly caught attention from her followers.

After getting married, Toc Tien still maintains her youthful appearance. Furthermore, the beauty seems to have changed her fashion style, to a more subtle and mature way

Take a look at the photos of Toc Tien below:

Photo: FB Toc Tien.


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