Hoang Thuy Teaches An Inspiring Life Lesson On Overcoming Insecurity Within One Minute In English

In fluent English, Hoang Thuy spoke about her own “scar” experience on the Facebook page of the international beauty contest, Miss Universe.

Hoang Thuy has been constantly inspiring and impressing for the buildup of the most anticipated beauty pageant where she expresses her utmost confidence in every opportunity.

Besides, despite the fact that Hoang Thuy’s mother tongue is not English, she also impresses herself confidently in the language on the international arena, which is evidently seen on one of the latest videos uploaded on the Facebook page of Miss Universe.

In the video, Hoang Thuy shared her personal story and brought a meaningful life message; to encourage people to accept themselves, be confident, and to try the best to achieve what they want for.

Furthermore, Hoang Thuy also illustrated a good model example by revealing her own physical scar on her face before. She managed to overcome, accepted who she is, and now how she would put in her best to represent Vietnam for Miss Universe 2019.

Watch Hoang Thuy’s moment below:



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