Hoang Thuy Openly Sends “Sweet Words” To Rocker Nguyen On His Birthday

The latest public gesture of Hoang Thuy is exciting followers as they seek to “couple” her with Rocker Nguyen together.

There have been speculations that Hoang Thuy and Rocker Nguyen are dating secretly over a year ago. Last year, the Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 1st runner-up Hoang Thuy was the only one invited to the singer Rocker Nguyen’s birthday. It is also a known fact that Hoang Thuy is always next to Rocker Nguyen whenever he is in need.

Last year, Hoang Thuy was the only one invited to Rocker Nguyen’s birthday.

In addition, Hoang Thuy tried to arrange visits with the male singer whenever she can. While many are curious about their relationship, they do not confirm or reject the rumor.

Some fans spotted them hanging out together before.

Recently, Hoang Thuy wrote sweet words to Rocker Nguyen on his birthday – with photos of them: “The whole busy day, now I have a little time to write for you. Remembering at the same time as last year, I celebrated your birthday with your family happily. This year, we are a bit far. At the end of this year, let’s make up for it! With your new age, I just want to wish you more success, happier, though knowing the road in front of us is full of difficulties. I believe you can do it! Send thousands of warm sunshine and love to Melbourne. Happy birthday to you!”

One of the photos that Hoang Thuy shared with the sweet caption.

The warm message that Hoang Thuy sent to Rocker Nguyen makes all hearts melt. Hopefully, if destined, they will have a happy ending soon.

Hopefully, they will have a happy ending soon.
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