Hoang Oanh And Her Westerner Husband-to-be Share Wedding Photos Ahead Of Their Big Day

Well-known Vietnamese MC Hoang Oanh released her wedding photos with her Westerner husband.

MC Hoang Oanh is going to tie the knot with her Westerner husband on December 1. Before the wedding celebration happens, Hoang Oanh teased ahead with romantic wedding photos.

Her wedding photos have been receiving attention from her followers due to the sweet love exhibited between the soon-to-be newlyweds.

In these photos, Hoang Oanh, in an exquisite wedding dress, seemingly looks like a noble princess straight out from a fairytale, with her handsome prince next to her. They are blissful and constantly smiling with each other in every scene. Those who’d seen the photos could not help but compliment the photos are just like a professional magazine shoot well-done.

More wedding photos below:

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