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How Did Ho Ngoc Ha React On The Big Day Of Her Ex-Husband Cuong Dola?

After Cuong Dola got married yesterday, many people now also hope Ho Ngoc Ha and Kim Ly will have their own happy ending soon.

In the evening of July 28th, Dam Thu Trang and Cuong Dola’s wedding was officially held in Ho Chi Minh City. This event received a lot of attention from the public due to their social status.

The wedding had also welcomed Subeo, the son of Cuong Dola and Ho Ngoc Ha from their previous marriage. The boy received attention as he was polite and also gave friendly gestures like kissing Dam Thu Trang’s cheeks and holding her hands.

Besides the many sweet moments at the wedding party, many people have also expressed interest about what Ho Ngoc Ha’s reaction would be.

Cuong Do La found the own his happiness.

On the wedding day of her ex-husband, the singer of “I Want You To Take Me Back” had nothing special going on except busy with her boyfriend Kim Ly.

As seen on her Instagram story, Ho Ngoc Ha posted a romantic photo with her lover, and wrote: “Em muốn được cùng anh về vùng biển vắng. Mình sẽ sống những ngày hè nhuộm nắng… Thật sự đen thui rồi!” (Translated: “I want to be with you on the desolate sea. we will live with sunny days……. really blackness”)

Ho Ngoc Ha and Kim Ly are dating now, They are a nice couple in Vbiz.

“The Queen of Entertainment” has seemed already moved forward from the past as both her and her ex-husband have found their own happiness.

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