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Ho Ngoc Ha Shares She Doesn’t Have Plan To Get Marriage, Sees Her Son Off To Attend Ex-husband Cuong Dola’s Wedding

The kind act of Ho Ngoc Ha before the wedding of ex-husband Cuong Dola and Dam Thu Trang receives compliments from the public.

Su Beo and Ho Ngoc Ha at the airport before the son went back to Vietnam. 

After enjoying summer holiday with his mother Ho Ngoc Ha, Su Beo bid good bye to his mom and headed back to Vietnam to attend his father’s wedding celebration.

Ho Ngoc Ha couldn’t hide her emotion when she had to be far away from her son. The singer said: “(Temporarily) Apart from each other to let you go to your dad’s wedding party with a lot of beautiful memories and stay next to each other every moment.”

Subeo also hugged his mother emotionally, touching netizens who saw the photo.

Now, Su Beo is Ho Ngoc Ha’s biggest happiness.

Notably, Ho Ngoc Ha also shared: “I may not get married with anyone because if someone loves me, they know that I love you the most and I am most afraid of standing in front of the crowd doing great things. I will just wait until you choose someone to be your wife and I will stand in front of everyone, right next to you, hold your hand, watch you happy.”

These are her words that she wants to do only for Subeo.

Ho Ngoc Ha and Kim Ly are happy together at present.

It can be seen that Subeo is currently most important to Ho Ngoc Ha. Even though, the singer has a good loving relationship with her current boyfriend Kim Ly, she hasn’t had any plan for marriage. It made her fans surprised.

Furthermore, despite of divorce, Cuong Dola and Ho Ngoc Ha still occasionally see each other whenever there is any special event related to Subeo.

Cuong Dollar’s wife Dam Thu Trang is having a good relationship with Subeo.

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