H’Hen Niê Shows Off Her Tiny Ant Waist

Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Niê surprised with her tiny ant waist.

During a recent event to show support for Hoang Thuy in Miss Universe 2019, H’Hen Niê unintendedly showed off her ant waist that is attracting public attention.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 was seen wearing a sheath dress in attractive and bright colors.


H’Hen Niê is known to be a close friend with Hoang Thuy, with both spontaneously showing support to each other and taking part in programs together whenever they have the chance.

Besides Hoang Thuy, H’Hen Niê also came into the spotlight for her latest public appearance, to be exact, her ant-like waist. She has been receiving compliments from her followers after she just uploaded her newest photos onto Facebook.

Check out more photos of H’Hen Niê below:

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