H’Hen Niê Showcases Her Toned Body That “Everyone Wants To Have”

After Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year), Miss Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Niê regularly goes to gym to exercise and maintains her fitness.

After Tet when people normally would add inches to their waist line, while H’Hen Niê was not even getting fatter, she still keeps up with healthy habit by heading to the gym regularly as evident with her S-shape body.

Just recently, the beauty uploaded her newest photos of her daily life on the social media.

H’Hen Niê is known as a woman who has a big love on sports. Miss Vietnam 2017 always does exercise reasonably despite her busy timetable. It is no wonder that H’Hen Niê has constantly keep up her appearance with the type of body that everyone would dream to have.

With the recent photos, H’Hen Niê has been earning a lot of admirable comments about her appearance while many also asked her for good tips on getting fit like her.

More photos of H’Hen Niê below:

Photo: FB H’Hen Niê.

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