H’Hen Nie Reveals A Diamond Ring On Her Ring Finger, Once Again Raises Dating Speculation

H’Hen Nie shared a photo with a diamond ring on her ring finger today via Instagram.

H’Hen Nie made the public excited when she showed off a eye-catching diamond ring in a fixed position. She wrote: “Ngon lam ah, thank you” (translated “It’s very yummy, Thank you”).

In the picture, her followers could see that the photo was taken while she was having a hotpot meal, particularly the diamond ring on her ring finger.

Especially in the past, H’Hen Nie was alleged to be dating local male rapper Den Vau’s best friend. Not only that, she also used to publicly express sweet words to him on the social network. Thus, people are speculating if H’Hen Nie is implicitly suggesting that this expensive ring is a present from him.

To date,H’Hen Nie has not responded to the alleged dating rumor.


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