H’Hen Nie Is Officially Honored As The “ASEAN Pride”

Miss Vietnam 2017 made Vietnamese people proud to be honored as “ASEAN Pride” by the organization ASEAN.

On July 16, on the official Facebook page of the Association Of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), it posted an impressive introduction on H’Hen Nie.

“Meet H’hen Nie, Miss Viet Nam 2017 who was also one of the top 5 at the Miss Universe 2018. H’hen Nie is known not just as a beauty queen and a successful model, but also for her active charity works and strong support for the unfortunate. H’hen Nie is a global ambassador for Room to Read in 2018, a non-profit organization focusing on providing resources for girls’ education and literacy programme. ”

With her commendable efforts for what she has been doing for the good of the society, Miss Vietnam 2017 is not only a pride for Vietnam, but also for ASEAN.

With H’Hen Nie’s recognition from the government organization, Vietnamese netizens were more than thrilled and happy for the celebrity.

Photo via FB H’Hen Nie.
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