Hari Won Expresses Her Undying Love To Hubby Tran Thanh On His Birthday

It was Tran Thanh’s birthday on 5 February, and wife Hari Won updated with the latest photos of both, sending sweet wishes along.

Although Tran Thanh and Hari Won tied the knot over three years now, they are still constantly spending quality time together and sharing their lovely gestures over the social media.

On the occasion of Tran Thanh’s birthday, Hari Won uploaded their photos, taking the chance to share with their followers and expressing her affectionate love to him with words.

She wrote: “Hello chồng yêu❤️ Hnay là sinh nhật đầu tiên tại HQ của chồng. Mong chồng vui vẻ hạnh phúc. Năm sau và năm sau nữa..Cứ nắm tay chung vậy a nhé🥰” ( translated “Hello Hubby ❤️ Today is your first birthday in Korea. Hope You always happy. This year and next year.. Always hold hands together, my darling”).

Photo: FB Hari Won.

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