Hari Won Tells Tran Thanh To Sleep On The Sofa After Guessing The Wrong Title Of Her Hit Track

This is the “consequence” that Tran Thanh has to suffer after episode 12 “Running Man Vietnam”.

Everyone had a hunch about the coming consequence that Tran Thanh probably had it coming after the game of guessing the song’s title on episode 12 of “Running Man Vietnam”.

During the episode, Tran Thanh’s team was quick enough to grab the chance to answer and the MC was also extremely confident that surely the husband could remember all the songs sang by his beloved wife.

However, after listening to the song, he guessed the song’s title to be “Love You, Hate You” instead of the right answer “Huong Dem Bay Xa”. For the wrong answer, he was punished right on the spot, while he might already start to worry for the next punishment waiting for him at home.

Netizens were also curious on Hari Won’s reaction if she knew that her husband couldn’t remember the song title.

As expected, in the video uploaded of both having their own personal time, even though Tran Thanh had tried to buy some time in order to avoid letting Hari watch that particular scene, but he failed and couldn’t escape her wrath.

After being “scolded” by his wife, the poor male MC was also told to sleep on the sofa because “there are not so many songs but he still couldn’t remember.”

This is a song that he listened.
Tran Thanh was completely confident about his answer although it was incorrect.

Watch the humorous video on this celebrity couple below:

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