Hari Won Eats And Does Makeup At The Same Time

Hari Won recently shared a lovely video about herself on her personal social media page.

Lưu Esther, also known professionally as Hari Won, is a Vietnamese-Korean singer and actress. Born in Seoul, South Korea, her father is Vietnamese and her mother is Korean. She is living a blissful life with her husband, who is the well-known Vietnamese MC Tran Thanh.


Hari Won has an appealing overall appearance. Furthermore, she has earned a lot of attention from her fans thanks to her humorous personality.

Recently, Hari Won amused her followers when she shared her own video about how she does the makeup to watch football match. In the video, the female actress kept eating fruit even though she was doing the makeup.

Hari Won is known as a popular artist, who has a huge passion for eating and doesn’t feel shy to showcase this part of her on TV shows or social media.

Video and photo: FB Hariwon.

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