Hari Won And Tran Thanh Get Classy In Latest Social Media Update

Hari Won uploaded classy photos with her husband Tran Thanh.


Tran Thanh and Hari Won are one of the power couples in Vietnamese entertainment industry. Furthermore, they have been receiving attention from the public due to their romantic love story as well as their affection for each other in TV game shows or events.

On January 15, Hari wrote a status on her personal page “Muốn bên nhau mãi như thế này” (translates as “Want to be side by side to each other like that forever”).

The status affirms the happy life that Hari Won and Tran Thanh are having together, as they don’t feel shy to express their love publicly for each other on social media.

With the latest photo upload, their followers have been giving positive comments, particularly with some saying that Hari Won is looking more beautiful and fashionable than before.

Photo: FB Hariwon.

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