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Beauty Queen H’Hen Nie Shares Her Humble Village Life Through YouTube; Receives Praises From Foreign Viewers

H’Hen Nie updated her followers with a video about a typical day at her hometown.

Miss Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie has continued to lead a simple lifestyle as opposed to most, if not all, Vietnamese Beauty Queens. Despite the fact that she was born and grew up in a humble rural village in Dak Lak, she has never felt ashamed about, which makes her followers to love, respect, and support her even more.

The celebrity recently updated her daily life routine in her hometown amidst the ongoing nationwide social distancing measure.

People would usually assume that a Beauty Queen is typically someone who has access to a convenient and comfortable life, wearing nothing but luxury branded clothes, lives in a huge modern house, enjoys delicacies in expensive restaurants, and other high-end lifestyle behaviors. However, Miss Vietnam 2017 has been proving that such assumptions are not necessarily true.

Due to COVID-19 outbreak and to adhere to the government social distancing enforcement, she went back to her hometown, and currently staying there to enjoy back the carefree life once again. And she is more than willing to share with her followers of how to enjoy a worry-free day.

Photo: FB H’Hen Nie.

With a 16-minute long video titled “Một ngày của Hen – Hen’s typical Day in Hometown”, H’Hen Nie will clearly take you along to her typical rustic day, which is really like any other farmer in the countryside; doing things like waking up early in the morning, harvesting cashew nuts, and planting vegetables, reaping nothing but genuine happiness in the nature.

The way that she does her work and the way that she views at life are spreading out positive vibes, with the viewers admiring her spirit of humility through their written comments, including overseas viewers.

At present, the video has already successfully reached over 1.3 million views, and still counting.

Check out the life of H’Hen Nie below:

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