After “Give It To Me” Success, Son Tung M-TP Brings His Family For A Well-deserved Vacation

Son Tung M-TP is not only handsome and talented, but also filial to his parents. He always shows unconditional love with his family through words and actions.

After the tremendous success of “Give It To Me”, Son Tung M-TP went holidaying with his family.

As seen, Son Tung M-TP could hardly hide his happiness in each photo when spending time with his parents and brother.

The V-pop idol said: “This is the definition of happiness and peacefulness, things we can never buy with money.”

Son Tung M-TP and his family went on holiday.

Son Tung M-TP is widely known as the filial son towards his parents and also models himself as a good brother. He is never shy to show his love to family members whenever he has the chance to.

This is undoubtedly one of his personal characteristics that makes fans to love him more.

He enjoys the vacation after hard working time.

Notably, although he has showed some photos of the whole family when everyone was in the swimming pool, but he steadfastly hides his body which raises curiosity to his fans.

Even though Son Tung M-TP goes to gym regularly, he remains conservative when hanging out with friends or travelling with his family.

He always looks very handsome and cool in each photo.
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