G-Dragon’s Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara Sighted In Vietnam; To Be Exact, At A Local Floating Market

With only light make-up, Kiko Mizuhara charmed locals when she suddenly appeared in the floating market of southwestern Vietnam.

Recently, on a talk show group, an user account surprisingly shared photos of Kiko Mizuhara, a Japanese model and G-Dragon’s alleged ex-girlfriend, at a floating market in Vietnam. On her personal Instagram, she has not revealed that she was in Vietnam recently though.

The photos aroused interest as netizens are curious if the celebrity was in Vietnam for a leisure trip or for a game show filming.

In these photos, Kiko Mizuhara wears casually simple; in a white T-shirt and black shorts resulting an active and sporty vibe. Moreover, she never put on air, got comfortable with the locals, and even took photos with them.

Kiko Mizuhara looks so pretty even though wearing simply.
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