Duc Phuc Sings “Hon Ca Yeu” In Duy Manh And Quynh Anh’s Wedding Celebration

For the wedding party of famous football player Duy Manh, popular Vietnamese singer Duc Phuc sang a song “Hon Ca Yeu”.

On February 9, the national footballer tied the knot with Quynh Anh, which was held with congratulations of fans, friends and families from two sides.

It was particularly noted of the appearance of local singer Duc Phuc, who lent his voice for a special performance to create memorable moments of the bride and groom that sweetened the romantic wedding party.

Photo: FB Duy Manh.

While bride Quynh Anh and groom Duy Manh entered for the ceremony, Duc Phuc suddenly appeared and sang the song “Hon Ca Yeu” (translated “More Than Love”) where the guests enjoyed his sweet vocal.

This is in fact the song that Duc Phuc had just only revealed the audio teaser on February 7. Therefore, the wedding ceremony of Duy Manh and Quynh Anh became the first live performance stage of “Hon Ca Yeu”.

The song itself is a heartwarming piece that talks about love, and together with Duc Phuc’s voice, it blended perfectly to melt the hearts of the guests..

Enjoy “Hon Ca Yeu” below:

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