Dong Nhi Makes A “Food” Comeback – This Time With “Pho”

At the beginning of a new week, Dong Nhi showed how Pho should be cooked. 

Dong Nhi is one of the highly sought-after Vietnamese singers. Due to her busy schedule, it is quite impossible to see her doing what she likes to do except occasion updates whenever she can. With the current COVID-19 situation, she is able to showcase her cooking skill since April 1st – with Vietnamese pyramidal rice dumpling like a “Michelin Star-Standard” Chef.

On Monday, Dong Nhi had her hands busy cooking again – this time, the traditional Vietnamese noodle dish called Pho.

In the clip that the singer shared on her Facebook account, she looked more like she was enjoying herself, being able to cook for her husband, Ong Cao Thang.

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