Dong Nhi Displays Her Banh Gio-making Skill On April Fools’ Day

On April Fools’ Day, Dong Nhi made Banh Gio for her beloved husband.

Before COVID-19 outbreak, Dong Nhi, being a successful singer in the industry, was constantly busy with her career. However, with the ongoing situation where the coronavirus doesn’t seem to get contained anytime sooner, she is doing her part in taking social distancing measure with a well-deserved break spent with her family.

On April 1, the pretty singer surprised her fans when she shared that she made Banh Gio (Vietnamese pyramidal rice dumpling) for her husband.

Photo: FB Dong Nhi.

Dong Nhi proudly showed off the tasty-looking pyramidal rice dumplings which were held up by Ong Cao Thang,  but almost no one believed her since April 1st happened to be April’s Fool Day.

The singer relentlessly convinced her followers after she uploaded a video onto her Facebook story as a proof that she made the Banh Gio by herself, with everyone left feeling astonished by her cooking skill.

Dong Nhi is not only beautiful, but has also proven to be good in cooking.
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