Dong Nhi And Ong Cao Thang Update With A Video Full Of Their Beautiful Memories

Dong Nhi uploaded a sweet video with Ong Cao Thang on her personal SNS page.

Vietnamese Celebrity couple Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang is seen one of the most perfect couples in Vbiz, particularly on the fact that they do not feel shy to express their fondness to each other.

This has just been proven again on Dong Nhi’s personal social media page as she just uploaded a video clip to share beautiful memories that she had with Ong Cao Thang in recent trips.

Her followers could clearly understand the meaning of happiness when they saw how the couple expressed themselves in the video.

This lovely couple is going to get marriage on November 9.

The female celebrity captioned: “Sống thật bình yên trong bức tranh cuộc đời…10 năm không kể hết những hành trình ❤️❤️” (translated “Live soo peaceful in the life picture…. 10 years couldn’t tell everything about the journey ❤️❤️”).

Moreover, Dong Nhi also wrote within the video itself: “Di Dau Cung Duoc Mien La Di Cung Nhau” (translated ” Anywhere as long as we are together”) to showcase how much she loves her man.

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