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Despite Divorce, These 3 Vietnamese Actresses Overcome And Become More Successful Than Ever

After their respective broken marriage, these Vietnamese actresses fully spend their time on work and personal life.

Thu Quynh

After the broken marriage with actor Chi Nhan in 2015, Thu Quynh not only takes care of her baby but also focuses on her acting career. Besides film activities, the actress also made a mark participating in trending dramas.

Her character as My Wolf in 2018 “Quynh Doll” made Thu Quynh become the top rated star in Northern Vietnam. Until now, her role as Hue in “Go back home, My Daughters” was also particularly loved by the public. She not only has a successful career, but also stays beautiful and impresses with her sense of fashion style.


Her role as My Wolf in “Quynh Doll” and Thu Hue in ” Go back home, my daughters” raise her popularity.

Her perfect body makes the public admire alot.

Quynh Nga

In March 2019, Quynh Nga confirmed publicly regarding the divorce with her husband, Doan Tuan, after 5 years of living together. After the separation, she has been enjoying travelling, enlarging her social life and concentrating on her business.

In addition, Quynh Nga also regularly participates in entertainment events. Especially, after 10 years from the drama “Heart programming”, she returns with the role as Nha in drama “Go back home, My daughter”. Despite receiving negative comments because of playing as the bad girl in the drama, we can’t deny her success in playing the role well.

After divorce, she spends more time as single woman.


Huyen Lizzie

The same case as Thu Quynh and Quynh Nga, Huyen Lazzie also had a broken marriage after 7 years together. Despite of her personal crisis, she chooses to live strongly, focusing on her career. Earlier on, she shared she has overcome the period of post-divorce crisis. She has only one worry now, and that is to raise her 4-year-old son well.

After divorce, Huyen Lazzie changes her fashion style, sometimes sexy, active…

The actress spends time for herself and her son, regularly takes part in entertainment events, and acts in some dramas. Most recently, she impressed with her role in the drama “Hiding The Youth”. 

Sometime lovely or swanky.


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