Dam Thu Trang Shares One More Bare Back Wedding Photo Before The Big Day With Cuong Do La

Dam Thu Trang has been receiving tons of compliments from her friends and fans when they saw her wearing the wedding dress.  

Two more weeks to go before Dam Thu Trang and Cuong Do La will hold their highly anticipated wedding ceremony.

Before that, the couple has already been receiving a lot of attention lately from their followers when the wedding photos together with the big day information were revealed.

Dam Thu Trang is pretty in white.

Dam Thu Trang continued to surprise the public after posting one more wedding photo, this time, showing off her slender sexy back unlike the previous studio photos.

It can be acknowledged that it has been a long time since the fans can once again witness Dam Thu Trang’s pure charms, and that explains why this photo got spread throughout the internet community like wildfire, garnering numerous compliments.

The couple has shared some photos which were taken in the studio before.

In related news, Dam Thu Trang and Cuong Do La have already sent out their guest invitations for the wedding ceremony, which is expected to take place on July 28, at a luxurious wedding center in the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

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