Cuong Dola And Dam Thu Trang Share Wedding Photos That Make Hearts Melt

Dam Thu Trang and Cuong Do shared their wedding photos before the big day and they are causing hearts to melt because of the overdose sweetness.

Dam Thu Trang and Cuong Dola’s wedding finally took place today, July 28, at a luxurious wedding center in Ho Chi Minh City.

A few days ago, the couple shared wedding photos taken in the studio, and recently, both lovebirds continued to reveal more.


In the sweet photos, Dam Thu Trang and Cuong Dola are anything close enough to make their viewers fall in love with the romance and sweetness that both give to each other. In particular, the words of love are also integrated into each picture, creating a wedding photo shoot that tells a real love story.


Their album of wedding photos tells the public of their very own romantic love story.
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