Cuong Do La (Dollar) And His Fiancée Share Subeo’s Photos To Celebrate His Birthday

Today is Subeo’s birthday, and Cuong Do La and Dam Thu Trang uploaded some photos of him onto social network to congratulate on this special occassion. 

Cuong Do La and Dam Thu Trang shared photos on Subeo’s birthday. The older he is, the cuter he is.

From the day he was born till now, Subeo has always gathered a lot of attention from the public due to being the son of Ho Ngoc Ha and Cuong Do La. The older he gets, the more fashionable he has become.


Although his parents had divorced, the boy is said to remain as an obedient boy, cherishing every moment whenever he is with his family. Recently, on his 9th birthday, the businessman and his fiancée posted lovely moments with the boy to celebrate.

They are seen hanging out happily together.

Even before marriage, the local fan communities can feel that Dam Thu Trang likes her future husband’s son very much. Subeo’s face is also seen happy with all of what he has now.

Cường Đô La và vợ sắp cưới cùng đăng ảnh mừng sinh nhật Subeo, đáng chú ý nhất là biểu cảm đáng yêu của cậu bé - Ảnh 3.

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