Cuong Do La ( Dollar) Boasts His Fiancée’s Beauty When She Was A Little Girl

On personal Facebook page, Cuong Do la ( Dollar) posted a picture of his wife-to-be Dam Thu Trang when she was a young girl – with a wedding photo and a caption: “My Dam THu Trang”.

Many friends and fans praised her for being “pretty when she was a little girl.” and enjoyed the joke of the lovely couple.

Dam Thu Trang (above) present and (below) past.

A few days ago, Dam Thu Trang also shared a childhood photo of businessman Quoc Cuong on his personal page. She praised him as a “real batman”, with hairstyle like Maruko in sandals and red clothes.

Many netizens complimented for his appearance when he was a little boy.

Cuong Do La ( Dollar) and Dam THu Trang are praised as a  “nice Couple”. The man himself is a talented businessman while the lady is extremely beautiful. They had a engagement in the beginning of this year and are going to get married this July.



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