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Due To COVID-19, Vietnamese Celebrities Are Now Turning Into “Michelin Star-Standard” Chefs

Just like how COVID-19 emerged abruptly, more and more celebrity “Chefs” are seemingly appearing day by day with the current isolation measures enforced by the Vietnamese government.

Before COVID-19 devastated mankind beginning from Wuhan, China, everyone was just busy with their own life and career. It is the same in Vietnam, and also especially true for Vietnamese celebrities with their hectic work schedules.

Apart from their focused content promotions, they rarely shared their meals they ate or the food that they could actually cook.

With the threats that the pandemic is imposing in Vietnam and worldwide, the local government has been implementing serious enforcement nationwide to curb the transmission of the virus. With the isolation measure in place, Vietnamese celebrities have reduced their entertainment activities almost to none, and therefore are spending their free time these days to take a good break, including cooking their meals and making cakes that are of top grade.

Check out what these talented “Chefs” have been showcasing on the social media recently:

Model-Actress Thanh Hang

Thanh Hang is surprising her friends and followers with her excellent baking and cooking skills. Anyone who saw these pictures of the yummy dish and cake have instantly expressed their wish to savor it.

Don’t you want to have a taste of it too?

Photo: FB Pham Thanh Hang.

Singer Bich Phuong

Besides singing, cooking is also a bigtime hobby of the pretty singer. The dishes that she whipped out look simple, but nevertheless, simply delicious.

Photo: FB Bui Bich Phuong.

Singer Duc Phuc

Even though Duc Phuc is a “younger Chef” (1996) by age, he has already shown his unbelievable cooking potential by the way how he develops his cooking method in specific steps that are not hard to follow. The end result of his latest “stewed soy sauce eggs” is something that is nearing to “Michelin Star-Standard”, and he has a video to prove it.

Singer Dong Nhi

Finally, we can’t miss out Dong Nhi on this list!

On this year April Fools’ Day, Dong Nhi showed how Vietnamese pyramidal rice dumpling should be made on her personal Facebook page. In fact, initially no one believed she made them herself, with a playful comment that she could have bought the dumplings from Mini-Stop (a convenience store in Vietnam). Until she uploaded a cooking video on her Facebook story, her cooking skill is now social-media certified.

Photo: FB Dong Nhi.

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